DESKU GROUP INC. was est. in 2010 as a professional service company with multi industry experiences through our various subsidiary companies.
Desku Group Mexico SA de CV., was est. in 2012, focusing on mining, acquisition, mineral exploration and development of metal and non-metal resource properties in the Americas.
Desku Global LLC, was est. 2018, and went into JV partnership establishing PULSE POWER Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. in 2019.  PulsePower, develop and produce, EV charging stations as well as solar and wind renewable energy farms focusing on Asian markets. 
DESKU GROUP’s major capital investment and physical commodity trading company is located and headquartered in New York, NY - USA.


EST. 2010


210 42nd Stret

Brooklyn, NY 11232


Tel +1 (646) 436-1464

Fax +1 (866) 211-7857

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