International Financing & Investment

At Desku Capital, we have the knowledge and experience to advise businesses on sophisticated corporate finance and investment matters. Our extensive inside knowledge of the financial markets will help you fulfill every investment need you might seek. Desku Capital is also always pleased to entertain investments and financing opportunities. Desku Capital’s network of wealthy private individuals, financial institutions, private investment and venture capitalist firms, and hedge funds is truly astounding. Through our members and affiliates we facilitate fund-raising with private equity partners as well as through IPO’s, public platforms and stock market.

Financing & Investment Services


We provide and/or broker financing for projects such as:


  • Industrial Ventures (factory/plant manufacturing, mining, exploration, and R&D).

  • Green and High-Tech Projects (alternative energy and “green” product manufacturing).

  • Financial Transactions (short-term financial operations that can yield high ROI).

  • Real Estate (commercial/mix-use construction projects, acquisition of underperforming assets).

  • Raw Materials (inground assets financing)


If you have a project that requires funding, please contact our officials with details. All projects will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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