Guatemalan Emerald Green Imperial Jadeite


Guatemala is known worldwide as a place with high quality jade, one of the finest jades in the world. There are two types of jade: Nephrite and Jadeite. Guatemala has Jadeite, a precious stone sacred to the Mayans. It is harder and denser than the more common Nephrite type of jade, and is gaining in popularity throughout the world, especially the rare color black. Jade shines and does not scratch easily. It can only be cut with a diamond blade or stainless steel. 



The variety of Jade found in Guatemala is the Jade Jadeite.


The main source of jadeite jade, as it was for the Mesoamerican cultures, is located in the arid region of Zacapa, in the Sierra de las Minas and the Motagua River, about 120 miles northwest of Guatemala City. This region is rich in minerals, due to the catastrophic failure of the Motagua where you can find: quartz in different varieties, Silver, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Nickel, Marble, Alabaster and Sacred Stone Jade.


In the valley of the Río Motagua in Guatemala, is one of the richest deposits of jade world, where there are a wide variety of colors of jade.


The palette Guatemalan Jadeite Jade goes from a grayish white, which scientists say is basically one of the first color and chemically training is the base (sodium silicate and aluminum) to be expelled when the surface This process takes thousands of years, and in which the jade gets invited different elements in their chemical composition and is therefore changing colors.


Some minerals that produce different colors of jadeite jade are:

  • Titanium, because the cake, especially Lilas and Opal colored shades colors.

  • El Hierro brings from dark green to Jade Black little that is known chemically as chloromelanite and is found only in Guatemala.

  • Chromium causes the green hues until the green Esmeralda, known as Imperial Jade. A color characterized by its scarcity, as is usually a vein inside a rock or more often as a core, which is why it is now almost extinct day.


All these beautiful shades made of Jade of our country, a national pride.

Imperial Emerald Green Jadeite Jewelry Grade

Sample Cutting of Imperial Emerald Green Jadeite Jewelry Grade

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